(* = Legendary/Special)

2-Handed Swords
Tier Name Damage Extra Stats Value
1 Ironesque Greatsword 2d6
2 Darksteel Crescent 4d6
3 Garnet Gemblade 412+21
4 Foomite Kingslayer 4d16+33
5 Starforged Executioner 6d20+60
6* Lord Samuel's Flame 7d20+70 Add 10d6+20 Fire damage

+Damage to Beasts

+8 Stremf

5g 4s
2-Handed Axes
Tier Name Damage Extra Stats Value
1 Sweeping Great Axe 2d8
2 Fanged Parashu 4d8
3 Vulcan Cleaver 5d10+16
4 Warpscale Obliberator 9d8+30
5 Starcore Atomizer 13d10+50
4* Insatiable Bloodslayer 15d8+70 Reverses HP regen/Prevents resting

Heal 5% HP on kill

Lose 2 HP per turn

2-Handed Hammers
Tier Name Damage Extra Stats Value
1 Iron Beatstick 2d7
2 Crusader Hammer 4d7
3 Flanged Bonecrusher 4d10+15
4 Bouldersledge 4d12+25
5 Magmastone Thunderer 11d10+50
3* Yoyogod's Sturdy Banjo 4d12+20 Add 3d6+6 Fire damage

Increases Ire generation

+7 Stremf

-2 Skills

-2 Science

Gain 4 Ire on 1st attack per turn

51g 41s 75c
4* Anavrin 4d12+20 Will always miss

+6 Stremf

+6 Skills

+6 Science

+6 Foom

3930g 71s 90c
4* Draegan's Thunder 9d10+38 Add 1d12 Starlight damage

Add 1d12 Fire damage

Reduces cost/increases power of Storm Driver

+2 Stremf

+5 Foom

20 Defeat Armor

420g 75s 90c
4* Punchpressed Pulverizer 4d20+15 Add 1d6+2 Melee damage

Deal +10% Melee damage

+10 Stremf

+2 Skills

30 Defeat Armor

30 Defeat Block

30 Defeat Parry

2579g 35s 50c