Dungeonmans is a Roguelike.

Basic GameplayEdit

Players create new world and create a character which is one of (NUMBER) Classes. This character begins at level 1 in The Academy. The player is free to explore the world and discover towns and clear dungeons of monsters.

As the player progresses, they earn Experience Points and Levels through killing monsters and earn better equipment from drops or buying it in towns. The player also encounters items with which to upgrade portions of The Academy.

If the player's character dies, upgrades to the Academy persist and new characters may benefit from previous characters' efforts by having more Proofs of Stremf to spend or having sets of items pre-identified.

Character Creation Edit

  1. Choose a name for a character
  2. Five statblocks are randomly generated. Pick one or discard the character.
  3. Choose a class
  4. Choose "Perks" ??
  5. Choose Sprite

Death Edit

Death is permanent. A ghost is left behind and marked in the dungeon in which the character died. An icon appears on the overworld map indicating a ghost is there. Interacting with the gravesite gives an XP bonus.


Dungeonmans raised $43,155 of its $35,000 goal on Kickstarter and was successfully funded on August 2, 2013.[1]Edit

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