Scrobold 1
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Punks 1
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Chain Banger

  • pulls close

Gutter Chemist

  • throws bombs that explode after 2 turns

Roit Grrl

  • buffs monsters, debuffs player

Lesser BeastsEdit

Lesser Beasts 1
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Dungeon Crab-rat

Nurphe Bat


Snakes 1
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Slimes 1
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Green Slime

Gelatinous Cube

  • champions split

Mustard Slime

Puppy Mold

Scorpocompys Edit

The Scorpocompy 1
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Bees Edit

Bees 1
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Bee Halbedier

Bee Spearmaster

Bandits Edit

Bandits 1
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Greater Beasts Edit

Greater Beasts 1
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Fearsome Tiger

Razor-jawed Jibbasnap

  • conjures ice blocks to block the player's movement

Spikeshell Paingolin

  • charges from range and knock the player back

Brigands Edit

Brigands 1
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Lizardmens Edit

Lizardmens 1
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Lizardmans Captain

Lizardmans Pope

Scaly Lizardmans

Orcs Edit

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Orc Heartseeker

  • shoots poisoned arrows, creates poisonous clouds

Undeads Edit

The Undead 1
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Bone-damned Necromanser

Shambling Zombiemans

  • slow, weak and harmless, but often in the way

Cultists Edit

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Warlords Edit

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Warlord Herald

  • places banners than drain the player's stamina and mana, or summon brigands
  • has charged attack that appears as an area of red tiles before attacking the next turn; MOVE OUT of the area, as it often instakills

Purpleonians Edit

Main Article: Dread Purpleonians

Flavor Flayer

  • unidentifies potions
  • throws bolts of dread purple