Polearms have a range of 2. If you attack an enemy 2 tiles away from you this is considered a ranged attack. If you attack an enemy 1 tile away and there is a second enemy adjecent and 2 tiles away, also this enemy gets attackted by a ranged attack. Ranged polearms deal -34% Meele and +25% Ranged Damage. You should also note that "Shield Mastery" allows you to equip shilds, while using polearms.

Tier Name Damage Value Ranged
1 Spawltiser 1d6 10s
2 Gil de Molrad 3d6 4g 30s
2 Nagu


3d6 Yes
3 Parnisal-Moulae 4d12+10 20g
3 Sakanashiri 4d10+8 Yes
4 Buischeur 5d12+40 215g 75s 90c
4 Starpiercer 8d20+10 Yes

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